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From its study to its realization, whatever the type of construction site (new or old, apartment or house, from simple renovation to extension or raised), our interior architecture agency takes into account your desires, the technique, your budget, the time and constraints of your interior space to execute your project.

Possibility of service in Ile de France, Provence and abroad without construction site follow-up


For your future acquisition of real estate (see section Advice on the purchase of real estate on plans) or for simple ideas of decoration or landscaping, a professional travels to advise you (price: from 400 €TTC 1 hour).

- For one of the following assignments, the amount of the consulting appointment is deducted




- Visit and discovery of needs,

("à la carte" steps)


Step 1: Before project

- Listen to your needs

- Statement of existing

- Total redevelopment of the spaces, 3 interactive 3D proposals of the project, with decorative setting on succinct (included) or in-depth (additional) 3D boards.

- Prospects and views by area.


Step 2: Detailed project

- Project plans validated to scale, mass plans, cuts...

- Project video: link if needed

- Technical installation plans for the networks (electrical, plumbing);

- Custom furniture execution plans, designed and designed

Step 3: Decoration

- Presentation of prospected research on planks or 3D if necessary

- Colour code advice

- Prospecting of furniture, accessories, lighting and other decorative articles...

- Exploration of materials, materials...

- Fabric prospection, packaging and curtain installation management

- Setting up your furniture...

- Management of supplier orders.

- Shopping support according to project.

Step 4: Site monitoring

- Consultation package for enterprises, specifications and tender of enterprises

- Analysis of offers on company specifications

- Monitoring and coordination of work:

- Following the study of your project, we manage for you the progress of the work

- Organisation and coordination of the various stakeholders

- Quality and conformity control of work performed

- Regular site visits with reports and photos


Step 1 and 2: Pre-project and detailed project.

145 € TTC/m² (20 m²)
125 € TTC/m² (between 20 and 40m²)
80 € TTC/m² (between 41 and 100m²)
70 € TTC/m² (between 100 and 150m²)
65 € TTC/ m² (> 151m²)

*bulkheads, internal carriers as well as below 1m80 are to be included in m²

 20% deduction for VEFA projects

Step 3: Decoration

95€ TTC/m² (20 m²)
85€ TTC/m² (between 20 and 40m²)
70€ TTC/m² (between 41 and 100m²)
60€ TTC/m²(between 100 and 150m²)
55€ TTC/m² (> 151m²)  

(30% deduction if taken in 
load from step 1 and 2)
A tailor-made package can also be offered.


Step 4 : Follow-up.

- Less than € 50,000 of works: 11% of the HT estimate of the general building company
- From 50,000 to 100,000€: 10% of the company’s HT estimate
- More than €200,000: 9% of the company’s VAT estimate
- Tender documents and call for tenders from companies: between €500 and €1500 depending on the number of m² 

- Realization and filing of administrative files (building permit, prior declaration of works: estimate on request.

- For national projects, outside Ile De France and international projects: quotation on request.