Responsibility – Obligation of the contracting authority

The task of coordinating the work implies that all information and technical data are brought to the attention of Alix Delclaux Interior Architect, at the origin of the project and throughout its execution.

The contracting authority must therefore ensure that Alix Delclaux Interior Architect is provided with the necessary elements and information for the execution of the project within a reasonable period of time.

During the execution of the project, the contracting authority or contractor in charge of the works must respond within a reasonable time to the requests of Alix Delclaux Interior Architect, formulated by the method of his choice

The interior designer can in no case be held responsible for a withholding of information and/ or failure to reply of/ these companies to its requests.

In the absence of transmission of information, the architect may not be held responsible for any delay or failure

Alix Delclaux, Interior Designer, is not required to have a constant presence on the site, and can only be reached during the week and at the classic office opening hours.

Alix Delclaux Interior Architect cannot be held in any way whatsoever, due to the damages attributable to the participants of the project entrusted.

The contact details of suppliers or companies advised by Alix Delclaux must under no circumstances be distributed to third parties without their prior tacit agreement (these contact details must remain completely confidential.)

In the event of a party’s failure to fulfil its substantial obligations, this Agreement shall be terminated by the other party without prejudice to any damages that may be due by the defaulting party.
In the event of termination at the initiative of the contracting authority, Alix Delclaux Interior Architect cannot be held responsible for the execution of the project after termination.


After approval by the contracting authority of the plans of Alix Delclaux Architecte d'intérieur, any modification, even partial or new request in particular of plans will be subject to additional billing.

Conditions of settlement:

The payment of the honorarium notes of Alix Delclaux Interior Architect must be as follows:

- preliminary draft and detailed project: 50% down payment on approval of the estimate and the balance before the technical plans are sent.

- decoration item: 50% down payment on approval of the estimate, 40% on completion of half of the service, the balance at the end of the service.

- specifications and call for tender: 100% upon delivery of technical plans.

- site follow-up assistance: 10% of the H.T amount of each

Any phase started is due. An indemnity in the amount of 20% of the remaining fees to be charged on the assignment will be payable to the Interior Designer in the event of early termination.

In accordance with Article L.441-3 of the French Commercial Code, the invoice shall state the date on which payment is to be made and specify that any late payment shall result in late payment penalties being applied to the interest rates applied by the European Central Bank to its refinancing operation the most recent plus 7 percentage points.

The Interior Designer cannot be held responsible for the delay of the selected companies or suppliers.

Concrete or structural engineer intervention

Any opening of carriers or bulkheads must necessarily and beforehand be the subject of a study by a concrete or structural engineer, the cost of which will remain the responsibility of the contracting authority. Otherwise, the Interior Architect will refuse any mission.

Quotation valid 3 months

Design phase

The plans of Alix Delclaux Interior Architect non-contracted, the companies in charge of the works or suppliers will have to take the ratings on site and adapt technically accordingly.


Intellectual property

Plans, sketches, drawings, sketches, photos and any other documents or work resulting from the mission of Alix Delclaux Interior Architect, notwithstanding the payment of fees, remain its property at all stages of the mission and are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

Alix Delclaux Interior Designer has the right to publish plans and photographs of his works. If the Contracting Authority intends to publish them or to publish them, it must first seek the agreement of Alix Delclaux «design and realization of Alix Delclaux, Interior Designer».

The customer authorises Alix Delclaux, interior designer, to take photographs of the project before and after the performance of the service, even in the case of transfer of site follow-up, with a view to use for promotional purposes. Alix Delclaux will be able to reproduce and modify these photos according to needs and

exploit on all existing and future media (magazine, TV, web, social networks, etc.) for the entire legal term of copyright, and on the territory of the world. The customer must give free access to Alix Delclaux or his photographer at the site for the proper production of the photos.

The name and address of the customer will not be mentioned under any circumstances.

In addition and according to the client’s wishes, elements of the photos may be blurred or removed (signed paintings, family photos, other objects, etc.).

The signature of the quotation implies the acceptance of the present general conditions of sale.

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